We care about what we feed our families.

We’re sure you do, too.

That’s why we created Farm Fed Box…

A 15lb box of grass-fed, grass-finished beef, pasture raised chicken, and crate-free, forest-raised pork delivered from our farm to your front door.


The Farm

The Farm

Farm Fed Box is an extension of Big Spring Cattle Company, our family owned farm located in Lexington, Virginia. Our mission is to develop a greater connection between people and their food by providing a transparent and regenerative farm-to-table experience. Our hope is that the meats we ship each month will bring friends and family together to share great food and great conversation.

Many of the alternatives to Farm Fed Box were created by techies who had no prior experience farming.

Those businesses source the meat, but don’t raise it. As a result, they’re at least one step removed from actually seeing how the animals are raised. Sure, most of them have guidelines that farms are supposed to follow; however, as we’ve seen repeatedly in the news, it’s difficult to know whether those guidelines are actually being followed—especially when the animals are being raised overseas and imported into the United States.

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It’s good for you.
It’s good for the animals.
And it’s good for the environment.

We at Farm Fed Box raise everything here on our farm in Lexington, Virginia. We know how the animals are doing because—well, we can usually look outside our windows to check on them. And we welcome people out to the farm to check on the condition of the animals and see how things are done around here. Seriously—if you want to see the farm, just send us an email and set-up a time to stop by for a tour.

What you get:

meat that’s raised ethically, sustainably, and right here in the United States.

To date, everything we’ve sold has been raised here at our farm. But if we ever need to source something outside of our farm, we’d go down the street to friends’ farms where we know they raise animals in the same way we do.

Our hope is that our product builds connection:

  • With a place
  • With your food
  • And with each other




You should feel good about what you feed your family. And we know it’s become harder than ever to understand the labels on foods at the grocery store. What exactly does it mean when cookies are labeled “organic”?

Here’s how we raise our animals. No confusing labels, no jargon—just straight-talk. All of our animals are…

  1. Raised on pasture in a way that mimics nature (good for the environment)
  2. Raised ethically in low-stress environments (good for the animal)
  3. Fed a diet suitable to the animal (good for the animal and you)
  4. Never given substances like hormones that speed-up growth unnaturally (good for the animal and you)

This means our cows are grass-fed, grass-finished and rotationally grazed.

By moving them frequently (sometimes twice a day), they sequester carbon, improve the pasture, and have consistent access to the best parts of the pasture.

Our pigs are raised on pasture and in the idyllic forests of our farm.

Much of their diet comes from the earth—they especially love tree nuts—but they are supplemented with a non-GMO feed from a local mill that contains no hormones and no antibiotics or other medications. They are also moved frequently so they have access to fresh pasture (and you should see how the areas they move from come back to life!).

Big Spring Broilers (our chickens) are—you guessed it—also raised on pasture.

You wouldn’t believe how green the fields get after the chickens have moved through them! Like our other animals, the chickens are moved daily so they always have access to fresh pasture. While much of their food comes from the pasture, their diets are also supplemented by a non-GMO feed from a local mill that is not medicated.

Eat better, be better.
GMO-Free, hormone Free, Guilt Free...

… and the peace of mind that it was raised humanely in the mountains of Virginia. Boxes are delivered monthly, and you can cancel anytime.

Next shipping date (August 15th):