A Curated, Monthly Box

of 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and forest-raised pork from our farm to your front door.

The Best Online Meat Delivery Subscription Box

Eat better, be better.
GMO-Free, hormone Free, Guilt Free...

… and the peace of mind that it was raised humanely in the mountains of Virginia. Boxes are delivered monthly, and you can cancel anytime.

How it works



It starts in the field

Our animals are raised using regenerative agricultural practices. That means we’re improving the soil, air, and water quality on our farms, while producing a more nutritious meat.



Monthly box

Sign up to receive a monthly box of pasture-raised meat, curated and shipped straight to your door in a completely recyclable box. 


peace of mind

Peace of mind that you’re feeding your family highly nutritious, humanely raised, and absolutely delicious chicken, beef, and pork raised right here in the United States.

It’s good for you.
It’s good for the animals.
And it’s good for the environment.

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We’re transparent about our farming practices. Animals are raised in low stress environments so you can have confidence your food was humanely raised.

Visit our farm anytime!


We work with nature by mimicking it so that our farm fosters ecosystems.

Our chickens, cows, and pigs are rotationally grazed to improve the land, not deplete it.


We raise the kind of food you want to share with family and friends.

Have peace of mind you’re getting nutritious food that was raised right.

We care about what

we feed our families.
We’re sure you do, too.

we believe we have

responsibility t0…


Our Families

Our Community

Our Animals

Our Members

Our Families

Our Community

Our Animals

Our Members

Frequently Asked


There are currently three (3) types of box options available:

  1. The Original Farm Fed Box: 10, 12, or 15lb box of approximately equal amounts of beef, chicken, and pork. 
  2. Specialty Boxes: Choose from boxes like the Family Box, Burger Box, or Breakfast Box. All Specialty Boxes are approximately 10lbs.
  3. Seasonal Boxes: These rotate based on the season and upcoming holidays. These are only available for one-time purchase.

You can select to receive your box on a monthly or bimonthly (every-other-month) basis. Memberships can be paid for either monthly/bimonthly or annually. There’s also an option to try a box for 1-month or gift a box. 

Visit the shop to browse the different boxes!

The Original Farm Fed Box includes a combination of pasture raised beef, chicken, and pork. Exact cuts will vary based on the size of the box and the cuts we’re able to get from the animal.

Here’s an example of a box:


  • dry-aged ground beef
  • short ribs
  • dry-aged ribeye


  • chicken wings
  • whole chicken legs
  • boneless, skinless breasts


  • breakfast sausage and/or bacon
  • ground pork
  • ham steak or pork chops

Check out the shop to see what cuts are included in our other boxes like the Breakfast Box or Burger Box.

You can choose a monthly or bimonthly (every-other-month) shipment frequency.

We ship boxes once-a-month from our farm to your front door. They are mailed around the 15th of each month.

If the 15th falls Thursday-Sunday, the box will be shipped the following Monday.

Just click the Become a Member button to sign-up and start receiving your monthly box.  

You’re gonna love it—but it’s easy to cancel for any reason. Just log-in to your account to cancel or pause your membership. 

Not a problem! We understand that things come up that might require you to pause your membership. Just login to your account to pause your membership.

Nope, that’s false. Good steaks, in particular, come down to two things: Good genetics that marble well, and properly raised and processed animals. In addition to rotationally grazing our cows, we also dry-age our beef for 30 days, which greatly improves the tenderness and flavor of the beef.

We do not treat any of our animals with hormones, and they are all fed a GMO-free diet. 

We treat our animals like family. We only vaccinate or treat with medicine when absolutely necessary to guarantee the health and well-being of our animals.

All of our animals are raised beyond the standards of what would be typically required of an organic farm. We don’t seek the organic because of the USDA red tape.

And honestly, we value transparency far more than a label that must be purchased from the USDA. Anyone is welcome to visit our farm to see how we raise our animals.

Sure! Just send us an email at [email protected]. We can’t guarantee that we can accommodate every request, but we’ll do our best!

Yes! You can gift memberships by adding a membership to your cart and selecting the “gift” option. 

If you want to send a single box as a gift (instead of purchasing a membership), you can do so by selecting the “Try a single box!” option below the membership options.

The Standard Box contains approximately 12lbs of beef, chicken, and pork.

The Plus Box contains approximately 15lbs of beef, chicken, and pork.

The Family Box contains approximately 10lbs of ground beef and chicken. 

Yes, you can order (or gift someone) a single box without signing up for a membership. Just click the option below the membership plans for more details.

Unlike many other subscription box services, we are an actual working farm. We can guarantee the quality of our cuts because we raise the animals right here in the mountains of Virginia (unlike other businesses that import their meat from overseas).

We value transparency and education. Anyone is welcome to visit the farm. Just send us an email to arrange a tour!

Send us an email at [email protected] or call us at (540) 216-2313.

Select Your Box


12lb Box


An approximately 11-12-lb box of chicken, beef, and pork, including 3-4lbs of premium cuts. It’s perfect for small families and those looking for a variety of cuts.

$169 / Month

Monthly, bi-monthly, gift and annual (best value!) options available



15lb Box


An approximately 14-15 lb box of chicken, beef, and pork, including 4-5lbs of premium cuts. It’s perfect for larger families and those looking for an additional variety of cuts.

$189 / Month

Monthly, bi-monthly, gift and annual options available (best value!) 

10 lb

10lb Box


An approximately 8-10lb box of chicken, beef, and pork, including 2-3lbs of premium cuts. It’s perfect for small families and those looking for a variety of cuts.

$149 / Month

Monthly, bi-monthly, gift and annual (best value!) options available

Speciality Boxes

Shop our Breakfast, Family, Freedom and Burger boxes.




Approximately 15lb box* (an extra 3lbs more than our standard box at our standard box price!)

Extra premium cuts of meat

Lock-in this price

BiMonthly Box

Approximately 15lb box every other month. $200/Bimonthly 

$2000/yr (2-months free)

Try or Gift a Box

Want to try or gift a SINGLE box? Order a single box for you or a friend… or for you and a friend 🙂 

Select your box type above and then “gift box” before adding to cart. 

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